Mount Batur, Bali, ID, 2019

Launched in early 2018 as a collective of all my years worth of travel experience I wanted a place for would-be travelers, budget minded adventurers, weekend warriors and seasoned backpackers to share their experiences through my own.

If you love traveling on last minute notice to explore new parts of the world then you will feel right at home here. Through all my experiences I want to debunk travel myths, visit lesser known regions of the globe, ensure my carbon footprint while traveling is minimal, embrace local culture as if my own, and encourage others that you can travel too!

Danube River, Budapest, HU 2017

At theroamingnoodle.com you can find many articles relating to my various (mis)adventures through the globe, from stays in hostels, to reviews on the gear I personally use. All of which will be in my very own kind of bluntness. I won’t sugarcoat my travels, giving my readers the real, raw, and at sometimes sad truth about places in the world. But with the same token bring the beauty of such places, the warmth of the locals, and the decadence of its food to these pages.

I have been writing for over the last fifteen years all the while shooting photography for original content on my blogs. What you find here are words through my experiences and photos through my own eyes. This is something I really enjoy doing, writing and photography, and helps me convey emotions of what I felt during my travels.

La Fortuna Waterfall, La Fortuna, CR 2018

Earlier this year I left my position in corporate to pursue a life worth telling. I wanted to see more of the world while I can still enjoy it. For the past early months of 2019 I have been backpacking SE Asia, enjoying all the good, the bad and the ugly that has come with it. My love for life is only fueled by my love for exploration. This blog has helped me bring forth that raw fire in written and photo form, in hopes that it inspires the next traveler to get out there and live a life worth living.

I am based out of Boston, MA with a degree in Business Management Marketing who is MAD about motorcycles (FORZA VALE!), good cheese, a nice craft brew and midnight hikes on volcanic mountains to catch the first rays of light.

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