River Danube, Budapest 2017

I am an avid lover of life. Whenever I can manage to squeeze in an adventure between clocking out on Friday night to clocking back in Monday morning I see to it that I do.

Motorcycles are my passion. From the smell of gasoline being burnt through the exhaust piping to the feel of my knee puck sliders grinding away at the asphalt, it’s a feeling that many wish to experience but few actually grab head on to try. Riding is an escape from the everyday mundane activity that I bare witness. I welcome any and all opportunity to be on two-wheels as much as I possibly can.

I am a sucker for content so on this blog site you will find how-to’s, videos, product reviews and hopefully the progression of my own racing next season. I enjoy creating riveting content that will help my subscribers, readers and motorcycle community understand, help and further their own riding. Along with all things related to motorcycles you can also find my travels and photography from those travels.