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"The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it." -- Ted Trueblood - I think I can sit up here and listen to the wind rustle the tops of trees for hours on end. Java has been surprise after surprise both small and big for me. No better surprise than was the city of Malang. - Often used as just a pit stop to hike Mount Bromo it had way more on offer than most people realized. Plenty of waterfalls to chase, some of the most amazing hiking trails you can ask for, the colorful neighborhood, and of course there is Bromo itself! - Spare a day or two and explore Malang, it's worth it. • • • • 📸 | @nikonusa 🌎 | @indtravel ⠀ #theroamingnoodle #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #malang #java #exploreindonesia #indotravellers #travelingthroughtheworld #beautifulseasia #iamtb #backpackersintheworld #worldnomads #travelalone #traveltheworld #backpackerstory
"If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it." -- Sean O'Connell - North of all the popular temples (Borobudur & Prambanan) laid this hidden gem in the town of Yogyakarta (I still can't pronounce this town correctly 😅😭💀) on Java Island. A rag tag group of backpackers and myself decided last minute we should take a detour here to explore a waterfall I found out about. With no expectations we set off, just like that. - A few pit stops for gas, a break for Javanese coffee we found ourselves standing atop this view. Immaculate was one way to describe it's pristine beauty void of the hordes of tourist, aside from us of course 😁. This validated all the reasons why I had chosen to stay and explore Java that much more 🙌🏻 • • • • 📸 | @samsungmobile 🌎 | @indtravel ⠀ #theroamingnoodle #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #yogyakarta #java #exploreindonesia #indotravellers #travelingthroughtheworld #beautifulseasia #iamtb #backpackersintheworld #worldnomads #travelalone #traveltheworld #backpackerstory
"I went searching for treasures - what I found surpassed all my imaginations." - After Bali I made it a point to explore the island of Java. So many people overlook it when they're passing through, but not this guy! Little did I know that the next three weeks I would meet such an amazing group of people, see some of the most epic things on this adventure, and REALLY find the gem of SE Asia I didn't know I was searching for. - Bandung was a great first appetizer to the island's main courses. The rolling tea hills went on as far as the eye can see in any direction. The food here great, the sulfur lake pungent, and the hot springs soothing. Take a quick break, do yourself a favor and take a day-scooter trip and explore all its got to offer 🙌🏻 • • • • 📸 | @samsungmobile 🌎 | @indtravel ⠀ #theroamingnoodle #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #exploreindonesia #bandung #java #indotravellers #travelingthroughtheworld #beautifulseasia #iamtb #withgalaxy #backpackersintheworld #travelalone #traveltheworld #backpackerstory
"Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I'd end up here." - That's the beauty of life isn't it? No matter how much planning you do, foresight you have, precaution you take, it steers you in a million different directions. You just have to accept that nothing is really ever in your control and just go with the universal flow. - I've learn to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride a lot on this trip. Unexpected adventures, locations, and experiences are all part of the game. I've just been fortunate enough to get a chance to play it. - Bali was a truly nice surprise. I was hesitant to come here in fear of how overly touristy it has become in recent years. But if you search hard enough, scoot far enough, be open enough, then there sre still hidden fruits of the island to be enjoyed. - From the local cuisine, immensely deep rooted religious culture, to the amazing landscape and natural formations, even the local craft beer scene, it had a bit of everything I was looking for, and a lot of surprises I wasn't expecting. - Bring only your sense of adventure. Leave behind only your footprints. • • • • 📸 | @samsungmobile 🌎 | @indtravel ⠀ #theroamingnoodle #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #exploreindonesia #ubud #bali #indotravellers #travelingthroughtheworld #beautifulseasia #iamtb #backpackersintheworld #worldnomads #travelalone #traveltheworld #backpackerstory

Imagine you’re out all day having a great time exploring another country only to come back to the flat you’re renting to find your things are missing. It can’t be right, right? You only ever hear of these stories in online articles and in movies, it couldn’t happen to you, or so I thought. I was very naive until this very thing happened during one of my summer trips with some friends. The ordeal itself was a nightmare and felt like a personal violation so I wanted to shed light on the matter and help YOU get through this hell and enjoy the rest of your trip.

1. Make sure the apartment is secured!
This is quite simple, if you noticed things missing then the logical next step is to make sure whomever is still not in the same place as you. Take a look around, secure the doors and windows and make sure the surrounding area is safe. If you’re so inclined look for any forced break-in.

LOCATE YOUR PASSPORT! It’s so important I wanted to stress it twice! Regardless of whatever else is taken this is the key to getting home. Trust me I would gladly have them take my DSLR if that meant leaving my passport, if this is gone the nightmare is just beginning. Locate and secure, pronto.

3. Take account of all missing items.
Go through all your stuff and make a list of what items are gone or missing. Try looking for them in the place you’re staying.  It sucks having to go through your stuff and find your things missing, a true breach of your privacy. Make a list both mentally and on paper of any and all things gone missing. Just remember that material things can be replace, most important here is safety of everyone.

4. Contact the local authorities.
As soon as you finish the above steps call the local authorities (the US state department created an easy PDF list of international numbers here). In my case they showed up within ten minutes, unheard of in the states. Let them know what happened, how the scene was found and any other pertinent information you have on hand so they can do a proper report. Next they will ask you to come down and fill out a statement which you should promptly while everything is still fresh. Most police stations abroad have English translators on hand or staffed during certain hours to help the process go smoothly.

airbnb-logo5. Contact the host and/or management party.
You should contact the party in which you booked your lodging and informed them of all that has happened. For me that meant calling AirBnB (customer service: 1-855-424-7262) at 2AM Barcelona local time. You’ll need to open a case and submit any and all paperwork filed with the police to them so they can assist you in getting re-payment for your lost possessions. Beyond the paperwork this was clutch on the organization I booked through because they helped me retrieve 2/3rd value of everything that was taken that night. Obviously it wasn’t enough but it was enough to set my mind at ease.

6. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
I mean it. There is no reason to cry over spilled milk. Things like this happen and sometimes they happen to you, or me. Just follow the steps I put forth and get things rolling onto the good times. I think overall with the whole process I was really angry for all of about 10 minutes, scout’s honor. For some of my companions it was their first time out of the country so I hope this doesn’t leave a sour taste in their mouth. But when you’re traveling at home or abroad these things can happen so make the best of the situation!


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